Company Profile

The Future of Communication

We custom engineer brilliant technology for partners who deliver value-added services to clients. Our mobile cloud services enable global telecommunication companies, mobile virtual network operators, financial institutions, city portals, consumer product companies, media firms, and businesses that provide over-the-top opportunities. Big or small, we have a solution for you.

Why Choose Us?

Every industry has different communication needs. PhoneFusion’s expertise allows us to identify and solve problems before they arise. You gain stability and freedom to operate your business.

To achieve exponential growth requires an industry changing product. PhoneFusion’s technology is the ticket. Reach new peaks of profit with universal, affordable, and adaptable products. Watch your network grow.

A revolution is changing communications. The cloud is making traditional systems obsolete. PhoneFusion’s CCSP platform allows us to develop innovative services, features, and products of the most superior quality.

Competitors might focus on leveraging their products, but we develop genuine partnerships. Just look to the diversity of our team’s talents and our partner’s backgrounds. Because it’s more than the logo.

It’s about customizing for your clients, integrating across their systems, and cultivating your vision.

Meet Our Team

Michael Self

Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Self was President and CEO of Omvox Telecom Corp before launching PhoneFusion. He has spearheaded mass communications systems used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the private sector. His large portfolio of patents is a testament to his innovation.

Raymond Penn

Co-Founder, CTO

Raymond Penn leads the talented PhoneFusion development team. Using his extensive communications experience, Mr. Penn architected the Unified Communications, notification, voice telecom services and monitoring systems at several companies.