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Our products are designed to generate new revenue streams and drastically reduce costs. We allow businesses to provide the best and expand into new frontiers.

  • Virtual Receptionist

    Virtual Receptionist provides communications for businesses of every niche. The emphasis is on operations and growth. It allows the customer to use a single number, as an automated menu that then routes the call to deskphones, cellphones, or VoIP phones. No more unsatisfied customers due to dropped calls. Customers enjoy Connection Protection in case your cellphone drops the call allowing them to reconnect with you at the press of a button.. Small scale businesses are drawn to the cost-saving measures of transferring their lines to VoIP. Virtual Receptionist allows smaller operations to project a big image.

    • Designed for integrating the modern work environment.
    • Freely do tasks that a typical PBX system would require an on-site installation to accomplish.
    • Clients can access email, fax, and voicemail all from the same portal.
    • Can do everything a real receptionist can.
  • Virtual Office

    Virtual Office Edition invigorates the daily communications of professionals and companies. Real world examples include agents in drastically different timezones, time-sensitive communication, integrating contacts to a single number, and connecting all of one agent’s devices. Every aspect of calls are made efficient and enjoyable, as each begins with the caller name and a choice to answer, send to voicemail or reply with message. For people whose time is valuable, Virtual Office Edition is the solution.

    • One number is forwarded to all devices in a user selected order.
    • Conference calls made easy with an automated code.
    • Easy to adjust settings online to choose when to be available.
    • Over 200 other excellent features for every type of professional.
  • Virtual Call Center

    Virtual Call Center Edition allows efficient and easily-managed communications for a large operation. It provides support for at-home agents, call centers and multiple site locations. It is a hosted intelligent ACD and predictive dialing system that can be rapidly customized and implemented with minimal up-front costs. Easily scalable up or down on demand, Virtual Call Center Edition gives corporations a cost-effective solution to meet any business fluctuation. It currently supports Public Broadcasting stations nationwide, political organizations, schools and universities, and inbound and outbound telemarketing centers.

    • Full integration into current telephone systems, databases, and CRM tools.
    • All that’s needed is aPC and broadband connection
    • Intelligent routing to minimize customer transfer rates.
    • Quick identification of SME’s (Subject Matter Experts).
    • More savings than offshore call centers and less training and overhead costs.
  • Family Connect

    Family Connect allows partners to offer a service superior to Skype and international calling cards. Long distance calls can now be made local. Customers dial a local number, which can be routed to any of our 50 covered countries at no additional cost. Along with other features, families and international communities can be a part of each other’s lives. Voicemail can be accessed from multiple devices. A multiple-party call can allow people in five different countries to sing happy birthday to a single person. Family Connect is perfect for customers with loved ones abroad.

    • Organize and send family announcements
    • Always stay available with integrated devices – no more waiting to give news.
    • Add a person from a different country to the call without worry.
    • Cost reductions have reached up to 90%.